Art Exhibition

All donated items from artists will be displayed at the event and be available for silent auction.

Check the lineup of the art here

aisuke Takeya

Daisuke Takeya-profile photo-artist-Japanese

Born and raised in Japan, Daisuke Takeya obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Graduate School of Figurative Art at the New York Academy of Art and received Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Daisuke has had numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally. Venues have included the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art-Chongqing(China), Nuit Blanche(Toronto), SVA Gallery(NYC), Wagner College Gallery(NYC), Art For Life (Mori Art Museum), Kyoto Art Center, Sezon Art Program/ Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Roppongi Art Night 2013, Fukushima Contemporary Art Biannual 2014, Shinjuku Creators Festa 2014, the Japan Foundation, Toronto, and the Prince Takamado Gallery at the Embassy of Canada in Japan. Daisuke is also a past board member of Gendai Gallery(Toronto), an artist and ambassador of ARTBOUND and an organizing committee member of Onagawa Art Season, an art festival at one of the most devastated area of 2011 Tsunami in Japan. He is currently a co-director of DAICHI Projects, the representative and curator of Field Trip Project, Field Trip Project Asia, and POWER TO THE PEOPLE initiative. –

Mui-Ling Teh

Mui-Lin Teh-profile photo-origami

Mui-Ling Teh is an artist, photographer and poet of Japanese and Chinese descent. She produces art both traditionally and digitally through a variety of mediums; but at present she is best known for her miniature origami.

Mui-Ling’s interest in origami arose upon hearing the story of the Thousand Paper Cranes when she was in elementary school; and years later, in 2008, she began folding a series of miniature creations. Combining with her interest in other fields of art, Mui-Ling initially used her miniature origami as photography props, and sometimes wrote poetry to accompany her vision. In every image she produces she strives to create a concept or a story; sometimes based on the paper crane’s symbolism of peace and good luck, and the Japanese legend that goes that if one folds a thousand paper cranes their wish would come true.

In 2014, she began incorporating her folded miniatures into glass bottles; often accompanied with inspirational words or messages – an element inspired by her poetry. At the same time, she began participating in events where she exhibited and sold her creations. As of 2015, she has also taught origami at different workshops, and occasionally creates and sells art to raise funds for different causes, charities and non-profits, including Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief, ALPHA Education, and Camp Ooch. Mui-Ling hopes to become more involved in the Japanese community and the art community in Toronto to share her love and joy for art and origami. –

Lionel Antao & Shawn Antao

Lionel Antao, Shawn

Lionel and Shawn are artists originally from India (Goa) but have spent half their lives in Canada. Passionate about art, nature and Japanese culture, they usually try to convey a statement or an idea that relates to these passions through their works. They usually paint with acrylic, but also have experience with watercolors. Photography is also another hobby that the brothers’ share and they often take vivid landscape, architecture and nature shots. For this event the brothers will portray the theme of Kumamoto through various styles of painting.

Justine Wong

Justine Wong

Justine Wong is a full-time freelance illustrator based in Toronto and Tokyo. Also the creator of the project ’21 Days in Japan: An Illustrative Study on Japanese Cuisine’, where she gained funding to produce one hundred paintings of my meals throughout Japan.

With her illustrative focus in food and lifestyle, she is also a dedicated member of Lunchroom, a creative collective and co-working space based in Toronto where she practices and learns new ways to rebuild the way individuals cook and eat together.

Stefano Venier/Steven

Steven Douji artist architecture designer profil photo

Stefano Venier/Steven is an Italian/Canadian architecture designer who loves art in all its forms and diversity. He was born in Italy and moved to Canada last year. Steven describes Japan as magical, and his love of the country began after having spent so much time in the country during frequent visits as a child. He has many passions, one of them being drawing with the pencil, charcoal and also with the graphic tablet and computer every now and then.


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